Ronny Tome


Ronny Tome doesn’t only come over as just a Fintech entrepreneur, but instead a person who is geared up to grow and develop this domain in the coming future. Besides being an established entrepreneur, Ronny tome also comes over as the co-founder of the Singapore based Ducatus group of businesses and can also be quoted as the biggest hand behind the establishment of Ducatus coin (DUC), one of the most talked about commercially driven crypto currency.

Early years and education

Ronny Tome completed his graduation from the University of Cologne in 1995 and then migrated to Bali, Indonesia to start ahead with his future as an entrepreneur. While being residing in Bali for over 2 decades, Ronny Tome has gained some big experience and vision that has helped him to achieve all the big growth and success as the head of Ducatus.

During his initial stay in Bali, Ronny served as the sales and marketing executive in Indonesia while also working as an export agent for curated wares to famous countries like Germany, Holland and The United States.

Jump Start to The Professional Journey

During the years 1998 to 2006, Ronny gained some big experience as an entrepreneur while managing various businesses under him. He further launched a sales and marketing firm that dealt in holiday ownership with two of the famous clubs in Bali. Ronny Tome didn’t stop there and went on to launch another business where he dealt with the distribution and marketing of the three Austria and Germany based beverages to all the provided resorts and five star hotels in Indonesia. Later in the year 2004, Ronny took the responsibility of acting as the master franchisee for one of the famous German coffee house concept. This was the same year when he took over the partnership for Vita-life, a firm that got its global outreach in countries like Indonesia and South East Asia.

Later in the year 2006, Ronny launched Tea-teria as a tea-house franchisee in Bali. After a year; he founded Bali Permata indah along with his friend Mario hintermeyer and served as the president of the same firm within the period. Ronny then went on to develop and manage the square 9 mini-mall complex in seminayak. Ronny then marked his presence in the property domain and went on to manage various high-end properties in the country.

Ronny Tome Ducatus

Kick Starting the Cryptocurrency Revolution

In the year 2014, Ronny Tome registered his name in the history books whilst closing a deal worth $750,000 and the full transaction was being carried out in Bitcoins. Well, for the record, this was the biggest ever real estate transaction recorded on bitcoins and the same record was being held by Ronny tome for over 18 months. After two years period, Ronny founded Ducatus global and Ducatus group of companies in Singapore to make his own big mark in the crypto currency world.

Ronny Tome Deutschland

While launching Ducatus, Ronny and his team were focused towards fixing every given issue that has long been existent with every crypto currency around. This was being done without being worried about all the risks of an initial investor within the domain. So, it can be said that the Ducatus team is being supervised and managed by a proficient team of experts that are backed by all the required talent and dedication. Here at Ducatus, we are dedicated to bringing crypto currencies like Ducatus coin into every smaller aspect in our day to day life- from buying a coffee or tea to buy a house. To get the same process strengthened further, Ronny also brought in a perfect suite of other business like Ducatus Health, Ducatus Travel, Ducatus Properties and Ducatus Café, that majorly functions on crypto currencies.