cashless world: a new trend of marketing

DUCATUS is a company made with the vision to go cashless. Ducatus coins were made for the need to change the way we transact. The company is known for its dedication and commitment towards their customers. The members of the company belong from diverse regions aimed at fulfilling the motto of a cashless future. Ducatus bought a major change in the way we sell or buy things. The company introduced their currency– Ducatus coins which help entrepreneurs to run their business, make deals, pay or receive money easily. Ducatus coin is owned by the company Centurion Global limited. The cashless scenarios help to build up a modern future. Cashless economy helps perform transactions easily with digital modes. Thus, according to the Ronny tome ducatusit would become easy for the firms to get the most advantages by merging their businesses with a new trend of being cashless.


Ronny Tome–


Ronny Tome is the CEO of Ducatus company. He originally belongs to Germany. He got famous way back in 2014 when he held the record for largest real estate and bitcoin transaction ever. He sold a villa in Bali for the US $700,000 and made the transaction using Bitcoin. Ronny holds this record largest Bitcoin transaction for about 18 years. Ronny is blessed with great entrepreneurship skills and is also fluent in German, English and Indonesian.


Ronny Tome Ducatus


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Ronny tome career–


Ronny Tome is the founder of the Ducatus coin, cryptocurrency. Ducatus global was developed because of his great entrepreneurial spirit and passion. His focus of attention is always his work – Ducatus Global. Ronny’s vision that cryptocurrencies are vital for all entrepreneurs built this company. Ducatus coins were mainly established because of this man. Ducatus was made as his team united for the shared passion to change the future of entrepreneurs. The team comprises of Ronny Tome (CEO), Bertie Worth (CFO), Nick James (CMO), Alex Benson (chief operating officer), Mario Hintermayer (Director of charity) and Silke Leistner (head of Europe operations). His team works hard day and night to make the coming future just about Ducatus coins.


Before Ducatus Global-


Ronny has done his graduation from the University of Cologne in 1995. He started as a sales and marketing executive in a company in Indonesia. He also worked as an export agent. He was hardworking from the starting only. In 2004, he took a partnership for a company Vita-life that has global outreach in many countries. Later he also launched tea house franchise in Bali named Teateria. Kick start of his business was the cryptocurrency revolution which started in 2014.


Revealing the personal life of Ronny Tome–


Ronny Tome is married and has two children. Currently, he is living in Bali, Indonesia, Asia. Ronny is a highly adventurous individual who likes to travel and enjoy life. Working and enjoying – have been the prime focus of his life. He is a unique individual who likes to explore the beauty of nature. He often visits places that have been less travelled by the public. His interests outside his career are travel food and sports. During his college time, he was enthusiastic about soccer and tennis.


Being an adventurer, Mr Ronny tome Deutschland chased a career who is as much adventurous as he is. 

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