It was ten years back when Bitcoin established itself as the first Cryptocurrency around and brought in a revolution in the global financial markets. A lot has changed ever since then and various Crypto currencies like Ducatus coin and ethereum have also joined the race.

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History of Cryptocurrency

Even before crypto currencies came into the picture, efforts were made to introduce an alternate digital currency that can function in the same manner as a physical currency. Still; the biggest issue that hampered the establishment of the same cryptocurrency was the overall possibility of a double spending of the same cryptocurrency.

It was only in the year 2008 when Japanese named Satoshi Nakamoto went on to publish a white paper named Bitcoin: A Peer to peer electronic cash system. The white paper described the functionality of the Bitcoin blockchain network and whatever happened next is history.

The first ever transaction from a bitcoin (in terms of purchasing goods) was being made when a person named Laszlo Hanyecz bought two pizzas from 10000 BTC. The day has still been celebrated as Bitcoin pizza day across various parts of the globe.

Launch of the First Crypto Currency Exchange was the first crypto currency exchange that came into existence and the same was being followed by the establishment of another crypto currency exchange named Mt. Gox. Still Mt. Gox came through a tragedy within its first years and 2000 bitcoins worth $30000 were being stolen by a team of hackers.

Biggest Crypto Currency Transaction in Real Estate

In the year 2014, an Indonesian Fintech entrepreneur named Ronny Tome created the record of the biggest real estate purchase done in bitcoins. Ronny Tome, which also comes over as the co-founder and director of Ducatus group (a firm dealing with Ducatus coin, one of the fastest growing crypto currency around), sold his villa based in Bali for a mammoth $750000.

This transaction grabbed all the big headlines around various global journals and paved the way for bigger and better use of crypto currency in day to day transactions.

Emergence of Other Crypto Currencies

Over the time, a number of other crypto currencies like Ethereum, Litecoin and Ducatus coin have made their space in the crypto currency world. Amongst the list, Ducatus coin can be used for various other activities like buying a coffee or even online shopping at various ducatus stores. The Ducatus crypto currency network currently got more than 60000 members on board.

Ronny Tome Ducatus                             Ronny Tome Deutschland

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